Restricted-range species


Species with a geographically restricted area of distribution.

Note: Within the International Finance Corporation's Performance Standard 6, restricted range refers to a limited extent of occurence (EOO):

• For terrestrial vertebrates and plants, restricted-range species are defined as those species that have an EOO less than 50,000 square kilometres (km²).

• For marine systems, restricted-range species are provisionally being considered those with an EOO of less than 100,000 km2.

• For coastal, riverine, and other aquatic species in habitats that do not exceed 200 km width at any point (for example, rivers), restricted range is defined as having a global range of less than or equal to 500 km linear geographic span (i.e., the distance between occupied locations furthest apart).

Adapted from International Finance Corporation (IFC) 2012 1

Species with world distributions of less than 50,000km2.Species having a global range size less than or equal to the 25th percentile of range-size distribution in a taxonomic group within which all species have been mapped globally, up to a maximum of 50,000 km².

IUCN 2016  2

Note: BirdLife International use this criteria in the context of Endemic Bird Areas.

Adapted from BirdLife International 2008 3